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MCCG Finance & Intergovernmental Committee

The Legislative and Intergovernmental Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the membership regarding proposed legislation that affects the geographical area. The Legislative and Intergovernmental Committee may also recommend the formulation of legislation and policies to address problems and issues raised by Municipal and Local Government members.

The Committee also has general oversight authority for all MCCG intergovernmental activities, and programs, as established from time to time by the MCCG. The Committee identifies new concepts in Intergovernmental cooperation and make recommendations to the MCCG membership on possible new MCCG activities and programs.

Members of the MCCG Legislative Committee includes:

  • President Ray Bogdanowski, Village of Lake in the Hills (Committee Chairman)

  • Emily Berendt, Village of Bull Valley

  • Claudett Peters, Village of Johnsburg

  • Peter Austin, McHenry County

  • Michael Smoron, Attorney with the law firm of Zukowski, Rogers, Flood and McArdle

  • James Kelly, Attorney with the law firm Matuszewich & Kelly, LLP

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