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McHenry County Council of Governments

Established in 1976, the McHenry County Council of Governments is a cohesive network of governmental bodies who seek to foster cooperation between all levels of government. The purpose of the McHenry County Council of Governments is to uphold and advocate principles of effective local government, facilitate solutions to regional issues and otherwise lessen the burdens of government.

2024 MCCG Legislative and Transportation Priorities - Approved 1/24/24

McHenry County Coordinated Investment Study - FINAL

McHenry County Coordinator Partnership

McHenry County Coordinator and McHenry County Council of Governments Executive Director Chalen Daigle. 

In 2020, the MCCG and McHenry County partnered to form the McHenry County Coordinator position.  The position is tasked with exploring ways local governments and local government agencies can collaborate and share services.  This first of its kind partnership between a Council of Governments and the County provides an opportunity for all governmental agencies to explore and build upon service sharing, joint purchasing opportunities and collaboration.  The McHenry County Police Social Worker Program is one of the first successes in bringing together local law enforcement with the McHenry County Sheriff's Department to provide social workers to assist law enforcement on mental health related calls.  The County Coordinator's work is only beginning and we look forward to growing the position to include training, more joint purchasing opportunities, continued grant assistance and exploring local government efficiencies to save municipalities and residents money and time. 

McHenry County Municipal Purchasing Initiative (McMPI)

McHenry County Municipal Partnering Initiative (McMPI) is a joint effort between McHenry County, the municipalities, townships, school districts, fire prevention districts and others to jointly bid on and share services. All local government entities are encouraged to take part in the McMPI.

Contact Chalen Daigle at for bid opportunities

Save the Date

MCCG July Membership Meeting

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Village of Johnsburg



Barrington Hills

Bull Valley


Crystal Lake

Fox River Grove





Island Lake


Lake in the Hills




McCullom Lake


McHenry County

McHenry Township

Prairie Grove



Spring Grove

Trout Valley


Wonder Lake


Executive Committee

President Rick Mack

Village of Ringwood

MCCG President

Mayor Mark Kownick

Village of Cary

MCCG Vice-President

President Toni Wardanian

Village of Richmond

MCCG Secretary 

Mayor Haig Haleblian

City of Crystal Lake

MCCG Treasurer

Supervisor Gary Barla

McHenry Township

Chairman of the Finance Committee

President Debby Sosine

Village of Algonquin

Chairman of the

Legislative Committee

President Ray Bogdanowski
Village of Lake in the Hills

Chairman of the
Transportation Committee

Chairman Mike Buehler

McHenry County Board

Chalen Daigle

Executive Director

620 Dakota Street

Suite 251

Crystal Lake, IL 60012

815-788-4390 (p)

847-767-0440 (c)

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