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MCCG Northern Illinois Governmental Electricity Aggregation Consortium (NIGEAC)

MCCG Northern Illinois Purchasing Cooperative (NIPC)


The Northern Illinois Governmental Electricity Aggregation Consortium (NIGEAC) is a consortium of 6 municipalities (Algonquin, Woodstock, Lakewood, Huntley, Genoa and Ringwood) to arrange an “opt-out” aggregate purchase of electricity for residents and small businesses. The MCCG is the official Administrator for NIGEAC. In July 2012, the NIGEAC Governing Board, with assistance from NIGEAC’s consultant Independent Energy, negotiated a 46% reduced rate for electricity from Direct Energy as compared to ComEd rates for the first year. In April 2015, NIGEAC approved a two year contract with Constellation Energy 


Since 2007, the MCCG has assisted in the joint purchase of electricity for water and wastewater treatment and other facilities for several municipalities and taxing districts under the auspices of the Northern Illinois Purchasing Cooperative (NIPC). The joint purchase has saved the eleven participating local governments thousands of dollars in electricity costs. In January 2013, NIPC members approved a new intergovernmental agreement to expand the scope of commodities and utilities to be eligible for joint purchase by the group. In January 2017, NIPC approved a bid for General Services and Street Lighting contracts that will save members several thousands of dollars.

For more information about the Programs listed above, please contact Chalen Daigle at or 815-788-4390. 

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